"They are consummate professionals and do a great job communicating and keeping you up to date. You can’t beat the participation fees."

- Jennifer Milne - Writer (Conscription)

"A very friendly and motivated team who knew how to manage an online festival. Excellent!"

- Jean-Philippe Tranvouez - Director (Guilty Prejudices)

"Highly recommended. This festival is so amazing. Good communication and great management."

- Rey Coloma - Director (Farm)

"Very well organized and the communication was fantastic! Would definitely recommend to any and all filmmakers to submit their work here."

- Stephanie Schwiederek - Director (Leave Nothing Behind)

"I throughly enjoyed my experience with this festival. Great communication especially now with COVID. We will be back!"

- Lance J. Reha - Director (The Acquisition)

"NJFA is a must for filmmakers. It's an excellent event with a classy ceremony."

- Dan Gregory - Actor (Karmen)

"Very smooth experience. The award ceremony production was top notch. Highly recommended."

- Sam Platizky - Actor (Yellow Scare)

"Well organized. Well run, and the communication was stellar! A “must submit” to any serious filmmakers."

- Laura Barbato - Producer (The States of Emergency NY & NJ)

"A very well-run festival with timely communication and an outstanding award ceremony on You Tube! I'd enter again in a heartbeat."

- Vincent Scuro - Screenwriter (The Lesson)

"I had such a fantastic festival experience! They're definitely setting a high bar for other festivals to reach."

- Felise Garcia - Writer/Director (The Honey Trapper)


We love films and welcome all styles and genres. All nominated films are listed on our website each month. Winning films are featured on our site and marketing throughout our social media outlets.


A laurel represents a vote of confidence from industry professionals and feeds the fires of your film’s prestige. It can lead to popularity, not only with audiences but also with other festivals.


Celebrating your hard work has never been so satisfying. Awards distinguish you from the many of films at any given festival and singles your film out as one audiences should be paying attention to.