January 2021 Winners – original version

Best Feature Film

Yellow Scare

Best Actor in a Feature

Sam Platizky (Yellow Scare)

Best Actress in a Feature
Best Supporting Actor in a Feature

Carlos Rivero (Yellow Scare)

Best Supporting Actress in a Feature

Laura Folger-Lopez (Yellow Scare)

Best Director of a Feature

Jean-Philippe Tranvouez (Guilty Prejudices)

Best Documentary Feature
Best Short Film

Matty Groves

Best Documentary Short

The States of Emergency New York & New Jersey

Best Drama Short


Best Comedy Short


Best Horror Short

The Acquisition

Best Sci-Fi Short

The Assassin’s Apprentice

Best Animation Short


Best Web Series/TV Pilot

The Honey Trapper (Season 2)

Best Music Video

Knocking on Your Door

Best Actor in a Short

Justin Helm (Matty Groves)

Isaac Platizky (Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten) – WINNER

James Drake Coleman (Looking Through the Trees)

Sean Gunnell (Collar)

Oswaldo Salas (Holestepper)

Best Actress in a Short

Sasha Alexdottir (Not Your Doll)

Loarina Gonzalez (Karmen)

Jabriah Anderson (Regrets) – WINNER

Tarah Paige (The Assassin’s Apprentice)

Best Director of a Short

David Harding (Matty Groves)

Mohammad Mouselmani (Not Your Doll)

Justin Morfin (Looking Through the Trees)

Maurice Paramore (Regrets)

Russ Emanuel (Collar) – WINNER

Best Cinematography

Carlos Serna and Colin Silver (Matty Groves)

Alan J. Carmona (Yellow Scare) – WINNER

Piero Varda (Holestepper)

Best Editing

Sebastian Heinath (Black and Nothingness)

Krishna Menon (Watch the Birdie)

Alejandro Small (Holestepper) – WINNER

Best Original Score

Dan Granda (Yellow Scare)

Best New Jersey Short


Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten

Regrets – WINNER

Best High School Short


Best College Short

Not Your Doll

Watch the Birdie

Best Short Screenplay

On the Mark by Vincent Edwards

The Inside World by Mohammad Mouselmani

What I Wish For by Felise Garcia

The Lesson by Vincent Scuro

The Door by Carlos Alex Ceni

At Dawns Early Light by Tommy Anderson & Susie Schafer

TIGRESS by Martin Keady

Getting Off at Onville by Jean-Philippe Tranvouez & Ludovic Hénin

Best Feature Screenplay

Dark Noel by Vincent Edwards

Put a Price on Emotion by Giuseppe De Vuono

Conscription by Jennifer Milne

Sweet Cuisine by Danté Orange

The Mountains are Calling by Eva Bennett

Where the Sweetgrass Grows by Tommy Anderson & Susie Schafer

ANGELICS: Ascension by By Ron Santiano & Richard Ong

The Shakespeare Plays by Martin Keady


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